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About us!

We are two guys who enjoy playing in low elo, but don't have funds/motivation to level up new accounts everytime our smurfs hit Gold.

We both ended season 6 at Diamond V and have constant ~70% winrates on ranks below Gold V.
We cannot share information about our main accounts for obvious reasons, our gallery at the bottom of the page should have some evidence about our boostings at low elos.

Bronze V to Silver III: FREE! (Why? See FAQ)
Silver III to Gold V: 10€
Silver II to Gold V: 8€
Silver I to Gold V: 6€
Promotion Series to Gold V: 5€
We boost on: Europe West, Europe Nordic East, Turkey, Russia and North America (We live in Europe and have ~100ping on North America so the boosting can be slower.)
We guarantee at least 1 division in 36 hours. (We usually do alot more but our bottom line insurances that we can study at the same time we boost without unhappy customers.)
If you request for return before the boosting has started we will refund full price after cut by PayPal (3.4% + 0.35%). Returns after started boosting have a fee of 15% + PayPal fee.

Contact us!:

We answer to emails in 1-5 business days.


Q: This site looks very poor and unprofessional!
A: We are students that have no extra money to spend, so we coded our own site. (Mostly because we both are interested in coding.)

Q: Why do you boost Bronze V to Silver III for free?
A: We feel like we have to have reputation/evidence of our boostings before we take money. Screenshots of most of the elojobs come to this site after we are finished, summoner names will ALWAYS remain hidden.

Q: If you boost for free until Silver III, why does your service cost after that?
A: We, like everyone other person use money, and since we're using a lot of our free time for boosting we feel like a small payment for the effort isn't too much. After all pretty much all sites that offer boosting cost a lot more.

Q: Why are you only boosting to Gold even though you are claming you are Diamonds?
A: We only boost to Gold because its the rank thats most sought for because of the victorious skins and loading screen borders. Even though we are able to boost accounts to as high as Platinum we are afraid we aren't good enough to maintain +70% winrate in Gold 2+.

Q: How does this work? How do you boost me?
A: We don't have any low elo accounts so this works by you giving us your login information. Don't worry, your account (obviously) will not get stolen, we can't do anything with your account without having access to your email (and we suggest you use different password for every site and game just to keep you safe).

Q: What are the risks? Will I get caught?
A: There's ALWAYS a chance that you'll get caught. We however take safety procedures that will minimize the already small risks. We for example: Don not change your Summoner Spell keys (we swap the key positions with program), so someone can't look at your match history and say "oh he went 20/0 when he had flash on different key". It's also very unlikely that you would ever get banned since it's extremely hard to know if someone got boosted to gold or just got a little bit better. Don't be afraid to ask us questions that aren't listed here through our email.

Here we have some evidence of our winstreaks&winratios in low elo.

Evelynn Winstreak
Evelynn games played in Gold 3.

If you recently ordered free boosting from our site and want to reward us (even though the boost is free until Silver III) we made you able to donate. Thanks :)

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